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Thread: DISK FULL error message

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    I'm getting the following error in certian flash project files. I'm using Flash 4.

    "Disk full while accessing C:\whatever\whatever.swf"

    I have a 56 gig hard drive and its not even close to full.
    Does anyone have any idea why I'm getting this error?
    It happens for no apparent reason and I can't save what
    I was working on for the past hour. Any assistance would
    be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Disk Full Error

    The problem occurs while saving the file. It won't let me save them at all no matter what I name the file. When I close the program, reboot and restart flash the libray for the fla in question is corrupted. Which becomes a giant pain because if I use any of the instances in the library in another project that file too encounters the same problem.

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    Try emptying out your C:/Temp folder? I've heard people run into this before.


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