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    hello everybody

    i'm running win2000 on my machine / soundsystem: Soundblaster Live
    When previeving Flash-Movies the sound is terrible.... sounds like the
    speakers are damaged.... well they are not.... sound works great, only when
    previewing and when visiting Flash-Sites with the Browsers (ie and nn) it
    sounds terrible.

    i've updated my soundcard-driver !
    Need help !!!

    Thanx in advance!

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    That happenes to me too.

    I'm not sure why because it does not happen all the time.
    what i get is little pops and clicks when on the web
    and some times in test mode i'll play the .swf and it will sound
    distorted with clicks and pops
    like it goes over digital zero.

    i did read at Macromedia that Flash 4
    does has some bugs in it with sound cards.
    and Sound Blaster Live is one.
    They said they are working on a fix.

    It is common to hear clicks and pops
    on the web when viewing Flash web sites

    Now that i think about it
    it's got to be The Flash Player that every one downloads for free.

    Maybe They will make a new one that plays the audio better.

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    humm dont Know about that but i dont think that Macromedia do a new release of Flash just because the sound
    anyway that hapend to me to but only if i put on the sound propreties stream
    if you find a fix plz reply me

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    this is a known issue with FLASH and sound cards

    the problem is SB sound card
    see tech notes at macromedia:


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