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it probably looks like that!

i dont see anything happening in this thread. visionray doesnt understand the cr*p and we r fighting on some weirdo's thread who says that he knows Visual basic, DHTML, etc but doesnt know how to center a damn swf file.....man, that is pathetic!
err. dude. you are so clueless.

VisionRay, Dzine, and myself - with some assistance from aversion, without him knowing initially it was a joke - basically staged a joke in the CL about how people were asking questions, simple questions, ad nauseum, and not just searching for them, like a normal person who's curious might just do.

In other words... it's a joke. It was always a joke. You're talking to one of the guys involved. every assumption you had, about as wrong as it can get. trust.

You didn't get the joke. It'll be ok.

<pats you on the back>

I'll remember you the next time I'm in a joking mood

all together now. HA. HA. if you got the joke