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Thread: alias my fonts

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    I want my type crisp, in other words, aliased.

    How do it do it?

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    you have to download a pixel font. i have a collection here for free download: http://www.orgdot.com/aliasfonts.
    (there are lots of other sites out there as well).

    remember to follow the guides on how to use them.
    for the fonts on the orgdot site: all the fonts on our page must be set to exactly 8 pixels (or multiples of 8) - and that goes for all of them. if you use photoshop, you must turn off antialiasing completely - and that means completely (no crisp or strong or whatever). in flash any textfield must be set on round xy coordinates, that is whole pixels (not 13.7 but 14.0 etc.).

    hope this helps

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