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Thread: 2 sounds for 2 scenes...?

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    Yes, it sounds as an easy question... that's what i thought, but actualy is not!

    My flash-file has 2 soundloops for 2 scenes. The 1st loop is in the preloading-scene and the 2nd in the main movie. The problem is that i can not get them to go from scene 1 to scene 2 without a ugly cut-off of the sound in scene 1. (or with a ugly preload-loop, see below)

    if you set the sound-loop to streaming in preloader, and try to use exactly as much frames as the loop has, it actualy doesn't loop.. either there's a silence of 1/2 second inbetween, or it cuts 1/2 second of the end of the loop, not to mention that it always cut's of 1/2 second of the beginning of the loop after it played 1nce (read: 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th etc etc time)!!

    if i set it the musicloop/layer to 'play' in the preloader-scene (in 1st keyframe and preload-looping itself in keyframe f.e. 2 till 20) then it abrubtly cuts of this music at the finishing of preloading and starts abrubtly music scene 2 (when f.e. using stop all sounds at end of level1)... this also sounds horrible.

    Anybody knows how to do it? please please please send demo/fla to me.

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    hmmmm not to sure what you mean, though if your trying to sync up to loops, like when one loop finishes the other plays, I suppose it is possible though if theres other things going on that hinder the framerate performance, it will knock the loops out of time I guess. specially on a slower pc. If your streaming it you could edit the audioloop to stop in some other way, or tell the music to stop and play a sound that compliments the incoming loop, in such a way that nobody realises the timing error!! =) Im not sure if I answered you question correctly, though I tried......

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