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Thread: virtualor color code

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    you've heard things about hex, right? and figuring it out in RGB won't do you any good right? well let's forget about hex for a sec. remeber the last time you described RGB color thru your AIM or ICQ or e-mail? right, 45,123,212 for ex. pretty x-y looking weird thing innt it? well, during my class time this week i've developed a system called virtualor(virtual color) formerly "x-form" it's a bit more complex to use, and can't be used as backgrounds in hex, but it's pretty conservative transporting colors. also, using virtualor values while third-prty watches you will help you keep your RGB secrets locked up. yes, you might say "well, i don't need another system clogging up my mind, writing r:#;g:# and b:# is all i need" but the advantage is less publicly released colors. while you might find a shade of brown that you love and want to hook it up somewhere, a hacker or any other person accessing your fav.l colors list won't get the letters. virtualor also is innovative.

    so, let's get going.

    here is the table you'll need to convert things:

    ok...this is how it goes.
    you pick out the RGB values in their right order.
    ex:R:219G:182B:27-219,182 and 27.
    replace the first two digits of the value with the suitable letter and leave the third digit there(see table above).
    R:U9 G:R2 B:B7
    put them in a big number:
    put all the numbers in the back:
    and the first two digits, replace with letters and leave the last digit:
    and you have the virtualor value for this:
    click here
    p.s:revision-don't reverse! i just now figured it's a dumb idea because you don't know whether virtualor is reversed or not.
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    You obviously have WAY too much time on your hands.

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    I applaud your effort to guard design, but anyone could do a screen capture and nab your color scheme that way.

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    well, yes, it was meant to actually be LOCKED DOWN in the color text codes.... you see, like you have a favorite color list on your site in virtualor and though a hacker if ever finds your site, may not steal those colors. in reverse virtualor, z is 0 and this way you could actually code messages...

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