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Thread: Variable on the end of the URL of loadVariable action

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    Is there a way to call a variable within the URL field of the "Loadvariables" action.

    I've got a Cold Fusion page that loads info into my movie, but you need to enter in a user ID number to interact with the ColdFusion page. Here is what I've got so far:

    loadVariablesNum ("flash_artistdiscography.cfm?albumid=(artist_numb er)", 0, "POST");

    When I hard code a number instead of the "artist_number" it generates the MC like I want.

    I've set up an input text box with the variable as "artist_number" on frame 1, and in frame 2 I've got the loadvariables action with all the dynamic text boxes.

    Any help or thoughts would be extremely helpful...


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    loadVariablesNum ("flash_artistdiscography.cfm?albumid=" add artist_number, 0, "POST");

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