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Thread: Controlling Flash with Javascript

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    aka Catcherman
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    Nov 2000
    It's been a while since I've been here to ask you all a question. Flash has been veddy veddy good to me.

    However, I am encountering a problem. I'll first tell you what I'm building, then how I've approached a solution:

    I have a site that is mostly HTML. The navigation, and most of the images are in tables. Only content in the table that's in the middle of the page changes. So I'm using a forward and back image in html to control what URL the user is viewing. Some of the middle-table content is just an image, some is HTML text with an image in the background, and the rest is Flash 5.

    I'm using the Flash to show bullet pointed text and would like the bullets to come up one at a time - controlled by the Next (HTML) button.

    I've been able to go forward successfully. I just added AS in my Flash that stops the movie after each bullet point shows up, and a GetURL at the end to go to the next page. In Dreamweaver I've used their Behavior for controlling Flash movies and connected it to the Next image. So then the MouseDown occurs on the Next button the Javascript tells the Flash movie to Play, which moves it to the next bullet point, etc.

    This may not be the best approach for what I need it to do. If you have a better idea, please let me know.

    The problem I'm encountering is when I click on the Back (HTML) button. The only Behavioral option in Dreamweaver for telling the movie to go backwards is Rewind. But this takes the user to the beginning of the movie, of course, which circumvents my intended purpose of the Back button: to take the user back, step-by-step, one bullet at a time, and finally to go to the previous URL. How can this be done?

    Thanks for lending your eyes. Any help is much appreciated.

    - junethesis.

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    My first question would be, if you are defining parameters mainly in HTML, why are you just creating an animated button in Flash? I had a simular issue with my site which I corrected by just developing a menu using flash that navigates the site. In concordance with the menu itself, I developed the flash buttons, then wrote a javascript to correspond with it - that way, if I chose in the future to alter the link navigation, I could do so without changing the .swf. The way that I learned that means of coding, was the same way many others do... Picking apart from projects to learn them. Here is a resource that I used in the beginning to learn the development of the code: http://www.guistuff.com/

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    Hi, anubis x9

    I was looking for a way to pass along vars from HTML or JS to Flash. I'd be interested on how to do this.
    Preferably without using txt or xml files.

    kind regards

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    quite easy... there is a tutorial about this on Flashkit, just search for FS-command or javascript in the tutorials-search engine

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