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Thread: need other people's advice...

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    i have a movie where there i have pop up windows to deliver content, and the main flash movie is just to get to the different sections. i know popups aren't that great, but every time i try to implement the content that was in the window, if feel the movie isn't as great and it seems like the content was an afterthought. do you think a pop up window is really bad to have, and i should just try to get it in the main movie with no pop up (with the risk that the implementation wont be too great) or just do the pop-up to keep the rest of the movie working well... any opinions? thanks

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    popup windows - i'd avoid 'em unless they are for outside links or higher res images or something like that. they crash some computer and anyone using something like aol will get super confused. i'd try to keep the content within the movie if you can.

    the advantage is of course letting the user compare your pages side by side if they pop up several of your window. i guess perhaps give them the choice? two links: one normal, one popup?

    i'd personally just limit them, or do something like what flashchallenge does simulate pop up windows in the Flash movie.

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