The Enigma's Tips to a better Flash Kit career.

I have noticed a spate of Help posts happening in this forum - again!
So I have spent a few moments to compile my guide to a better posting career here at .

Section 1 - Help!
Help posts should NOT i repeat NOT be posted in this forum, neither should they be found in
the boardroom
either, these two forums in particular are for normal conversation, the Coffee Lounge (where you are
now) is for things like discussion totally irrelevant to almost anything - a veritable free-for-all.
I don't mind seeing people asking for help with OS problems, Networking Issues, etc as Gurdas,
Gerbick, Mac8myPC, Myself, and a few others quite enjoy helping with hardware issues and OS
problems, that is Un Flash/HTML/Web related so its not a problem with me.
Posts along the lines of
Does anyone know where I can find *enter flash related item here* for my new project
How do I make my Circle Tween
etc etc etc - Will be closed and/or deleted.
The number of hours myself and my fellow moderators have spent moving threads to their relevant
places in unbelievable - its a lot of time!
remember - a list of relevant forums is still here!
I know the pull of the Lounge is very hard to resist - trust me I know this a lot more than most!
But remember - think about what you are about to post and say to yourself - do this REALLY belong
in this forum!
A list of ALL our forums is here:
And I will post a list of all the forum numbers as soon I make one.
This will allow you to quickly change forum even from the new post editor window.
ie: will post a new thread in this forum,
but change the 11 to 28 and you make a new post in the flashtyper forum!
Simple eh?

Section 2 - SPAM!
This is one type of Post that I loath - and I mean really hate!

You get into work and about 11am I log on to FK - what do I normally get greeted by?
Hey people!
Come to my site at
for free stuff and pap like it!
Get free money with
Sign up here
and remember to quote my reference of - I,SPAM,AND,AM,GOING,TO,BE,BANNED
A very rich (and soon to be banned) FK member!
Simple rules - that I WILL repeat a lot in this post!
Flashkit does NOT allow this type of post!
No way and no how will these posts stay here if A Moderator sees them,
I know for a fact that if I see these posts they get deleted and the user responsible gets recommended
for a woopin - I mean banning !
So PLEASE don't post these unless you want to be removed!

Section 3 - The Mod Team
Every forum has a set of members who have given up some of there own personal time during
whatever time of the day it is to help the FlashKit administration by acting as moderators for a certain
I for example help to moderate the FlashTyper forum, the Fonts Forum and the Coffee Lounge, in my
nominated forums I have certain rights that a normal member does not such as:
Editing another Users Post
editing a Thread title
Viewing a Users IP address for spam reporting etc
Closing/Opening any thread
Deleting any post/thread in that forum

A list of moderators can be found at the top of EVERY forum on Flashkit!
They are in there own right - Gods!
Probably that is too strong a word but at the moment I can think of a better one!
This means that if we say don't post something - the usual thing is not to post it again or ever unless
we say otherwise.

If we close or delete a thread - and you don't like it - well enough of that - this is covered in the next

And remember - never EVER annoy David P! - When he gets going its not a pretty sight -
people have been know to loose limbs

Section 4 - Complaining!
As I have said above - each forum has moderators who can do things you cant!
If a moderator closes, moves or even deletes it, there are few things you can do!

Step 1! - Check your email FIRST!
99 times out of 100 the moderator who has taken action will email the user to explain why a thread's
state has been altered - providing you have allowed your email address to made public in your user
If this is not the case follow this!
a) read the thread in question if it was only closed - a reason is usual given by the moderator stating
the Thread Closed and why they have taken the action!
b)Look for a new post with your name on it!
If we cant find your email address a thread will be posted in the forum addressed to you saying what
we have done and why! When you acknowledge you have read this it will be removed!

2) If you disagree with the action email the moderator in question and cc the email to another
moderator asking for another opinion if you really want to!
I also apologize for any typo's from now on as I have just almost cut my middle finger off at work and
am pumping blood all over the keyboard

If you still don't like our answer - email to
This is a direct route to John Starkey the webmaster - and seeing as he is the big cheese - this is a last

And remember when you do retort to action this information:
Flashkit and its representatives reserve the right to edit or delete any post made on the boards
By representatives they mean us!
So remember when you signed up you agreed that we ave the right to edit delete or close your posts!