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Thread: saving and pulling out flash movies(binaru data) from a mysql database

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    Red face saving and pulling out flash movies(binary data) from a mysql database


    I use PHP/MYSQL.
    I need to save some flash movies as binary data(blob) in a mysql database and then be able to call these movies from my main flash movie. Does anyone know how to do that?

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    couldn't you just save the names and paths of your swf files in the database and call the names out to input into a load movie statement or something of that nature?

    i believe there's an app that generates swf movies from php code.. you might look on http://www.php.net to read more about it.. that might also get you what your looking for.

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    Database and Flash

    Hi Mac bro,

    How would I put this path into the database? I mean what words / path to the swf and what would the Flash get URL be?

    Sorry to be a pain as I am new to php and SQL but if we all crack this we (Flash heads ) get to rule the world of e-commerce a la http://www.habitat.net/open_uk.htm.

    Thanks for any reply


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