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    Look at this question (out of the forte test), it looks like the author is just trying to confuse us with double negitives:

    Which of the following is not true?:
    Functions can refer to movie clip events not loaded in the Timeline

    In English, it means

    "Functions can refer to movie clip events in the Timeline"

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    it is confusing... that's why you rarely see a "NOT" question in a certification exam. The material can be tested more clearly and accurately simply by changing the wording of the question.

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    so I went to the Macromedia site:

    and pulled down all the Flash 5 developers listed.. and found some interesting stats:

    107 people are listed as passing the exam in the US
    215 are listed as passing the exam worldwide (including US)

    67 (of the 215 or 31%) passed the exam on either Sept. 18-21 or Sept. 30 of 2001. My guess is this was the beta testing period, as only 7 people took it in late Oct of 2001 and 7 in Dec.

    (nice of them to output the data in comma-delimited format so I could pull it into Excel quickly.. hehe)

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    change to mx

    what do you think, how long will this test require knowledge from flash 5 and not from flash MX, when will they chenge this in your opinion( i hope later :-) ).

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