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Thread: pixel fonts are fuzzy

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    I am using a pixel font that is to be used at 8 pixels. I have set it at 8 pixels in the character panel. It looks fine in the authoring environment, but when I export it looks very fuzzy or antialias. I tried using Device fonts, but it does not embed the font. In the library I choose "Options" and "New Font" and choose my pixel font, which I thought would embed the font into the library. That did not work either. Can someone explain how to embed fonts, how to use pixel fonts that are not fuzzy when exported, and what is the purpose of the "New Font" option in the library? How can I make my type look the way I want it to?

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    Here is what helped me to get the look I want

    Just want to tell you that you have to experiment alot to get the look you want.

    Remember to use the info panel
    Follow the font size 8,16,etc
    Whole numbers in the x and y 69.0 not 69.2 etc
    I use,
    A Pixel font
    Left justify
    x kern
    Transform 100% constarin
    Stroke hairline
    Fill solid black
    Also preview in the .swf file F12 key
    I delete the old .swf when I make any changes and then hit f12 to get the new .swf.
    I have deleted the .swf 10 times before I was satisfied
    It takes a while

    Keep trying as this is just a suggestion,that I needed to do for me.Your situation may be different on your computer.


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