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Thread: Design Idea

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    Hi there guys

    Thanks for making a great program. I have Flash 5 and am intimadated by it every time I load the beast up, In fact It has put me off using flash in any of my web sites. That is until now.
    3DFA is easy to use, although a little bit buggy, but it's certainly not as difficult to use as Flash.
    However there is one thng I would like to request:
    would it be possible for the Create object (Text header) Dialouge bot to retain the settings used the previous time?
    I.e. If I created a text object using Tahoma @ size 32, I would be very time saving for the the same setting to be there the next time I create a Text object.

    Just a wish

    New user as from Friday 1st Feb 02

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    Red face

    That might be good as an option, also, you could rewrite the html/easyscript/javascript/source code to do that if you knew the proper commands. I might work on doing that. Maybe in my spare time.

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    You SHALL go to the ball!

    Thanks for the suggestion

    Fairy FlashMother

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