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Thread: how do you cut an object out without jagged egdes?

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    ive probably seen this question a million times b4, but ive only once found a method that actually works, its quick and dirty and doesnt always work, what i want is a more accurate method, even if its time consuming.
    what i want to know is how do you cut around an object and avoid getting the jagged egdes? what tool do u use? do u zoom while u cut so u dont miss any pixels? etc etc.

    thank you anyone who can show me how its done.


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    Here's my method:

    I carefully go around the object with the magnetic lasso.

    Once I have my selection I contract it by 1 pixel and then feather it by 2 pixels.

    I copy the selection to the clipboard and then paste it onto my layer that I'm working on.

    I do this becuase I'm not real steady so the extract funtion doesn't work well for me.

    The cutting out very carefully with the magnetic lasso tool is very slllllllloooooowwwww, painstakig work.

    Make sure you zoom in so you can see the details really well while you are cutting out.

    Feathering blurs the edges a bit making them smooth.

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    ok thats the method i have been using, it is good, but it doesnt always work, one question though, how do u copy to clip board? that the same as just copying (ctrl c)?



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    In PS!
    Knock the background out with a mask, and before ya flatten the image, give the mask a little bit of Gaussian Blur.

    Works a treat.

    Wanna know how to mask? click here http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...hreadid=263980
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    resolved extraction, clipping


    a recent article at creativepro on clipping....may help.?

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