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Thread: Another Couple Photo/Design Questions

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    How is it that photos on "professional" sites (especially musicians, so it seems) always look so sharp and clean? Is it the meere fact that they are huge .jpg files? Are they just scanned in, or are the imported "digitally" somehow. I can never seem to get my quality as good!

    Also, taking a look at Enrique's site, how were the cirular effects done? Can the overall look on this page be done cleanly in Photoshop, or is Illustrator needed? It looks as if the pic was lifted from a background, then masked out to the same color as the light green background, then placed behind the circular shapes for effect.

    Thanks Again, especially considering my loongg question


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    It's largely the camera and the skill at using it.

    I just upgraded to a NIkon Coolpix 995 3.3MP Digital from a HP1MP digital and the differences are astounding.

    I'm sure professional musicians would hire a professional photographer.

    You can bump up a digital or scanned photo in Photoshop yes indeed, but you need a good quality photo to begin with.

    Here's 2 photos I took on the first day and yesterday (my 2nd day with the NIkon), and I haven't really figured out all of the manual controls yet:

    I just used unsharp mask in Photoshop because I'm not real steady and didn't use a tripod.

    2nd Day

    1st Day:

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