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Thread: totally swimming in font questions

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    I am trying to figure out the font thing in flash, and i'm sure its a fairly simple concept to understand but i would like some help.

    I have a particular font i want to use- futura, and it's all pixelated in flash and when I try to preview, it says it cant find the outline font to convert to outlines. I know the font is open.

    I was reading in some ot the other posts that flash may conflict with the font program, so should i place this font in my system folder.

    also what are pixel fonts.

    if I do use futura, how do i ensure that my viewer can see futura and not some random font- convert to outlines? (wont that create a larger file and/or make it hard for me to edit type later.

    this is probably a newbie question, but what better place to ask a font question than in a font forum

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    you're probably using a postscript type 1 font. ps fonts are two files, one which is the screen font, so you can preview it, and the other is an outline font, so you can print and export from flash.

    the problem is that the outline font is probably not installed or defective.

    if you use win2k or a mac, make sure both fonts are placed in your fonts folder.

    if you're using win 95, 98 or me, you need adobe type manager to use ps fonts. you can download a free (light) version from Adobe.

    If it's properly installed, flash will embed the font tin your file so any user will see it exactly like you

    hope this helped...

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