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Thread: error type 12 occured!!!!!! can someone please help!!!!!

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    Jan 2001
    I've been using flash for some time now. For some reason when i try to preview a file Flash closes and a pop up window opens in the finder saying

    "The application 'Flash 5' has unexpectedly quite because an error of type 12 occured."

    Can someone explain why this is happening.

    Please note: This doesn't happen to all the files for some reason it happens when there is extensive programming involved. I'm not sure.

    i have 1.2 GB of memory and i have allocated 350,000k or 350mb towards flash. So i dont think there is a memory problem. can someone please help me because this is really starting to get ANNOYING!!!!!!

    Oh yeah by the way i work on a Mac G4 466 OS 9.2

    Thanks a head of time.......

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    Aug 2000
    This may not help much, but all I can say is that I've never heard of a "type 12" error, or indeed any kind of "type" error.

    Since I am running Windows 2000. I am led to assume that this is some sort of a Mac issue.

    If I'm right, perhaps this will help you narrow things down.


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