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Thread: Please help with scrolling external text files!!!

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    Yeah like the title said... I'm stuck on my major flash presentation on need help!!! The text won't apperer in the text box when I go and add scrolling up and down buttons!
    So if ou would please post your email address on this thead, I will send it to you and you can have a look at it!!! I need replys real fast!!! Because I've been tring to figure it out for days now!!! And can't work it out! I've got the lay out working and everyting but the code doesn't seen to work for the scrolling up and down buttons! Please don't say "Why don't you do it yourself" or "Look for a tutorial" or any thing like that because I've tried all of that stuff and this is my last resort!!!
    Thanks in advance!

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    If youŽll send me your files, please zip all before do it OK?!

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    Originally posted by linha_direta
    If youŽll send me your files, please zip all before do it OK?!
    Can yahoo hold over 1 meg. in a message???

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