Today's Topic: Pixel fonts and design in flash.

As a designer in Flash and a reviewer of other designers I am becoming increasingly annoyed with pixel fonts. While Flash designers seem to have excelent eyes, the rest of of do not. Whether this is simply to overcome the automatic anti-aliasing of fonts or to copy such popular sites as 2Advanced and WideGroup, new websites is that while many have valuble content to offer, it cannot be read. And even if it can, websites like the Flashkit featured sites like Out Of Target creep you out and at the same time offer no content.
I am not necesarily suggesting that us Flash Designers need a complete reform of our design, but perhaps that we need to keep in mind the primary function of a website... to delivert content. An example of an exellent designer gone bad is the creater of WebFeats. This designer is able to animate with ease but his text is almost unreadable.
Just as movies often forget the plot to deliver a visually stunning experiance (ie. Lord Of The Rings), websites are becoming increasingly obsessed with the presentation fo the content and ofter forgetting to present it in a readable way.
So what, you ask (probobly not), can you do? Well first, keep in mind that you are not designing for other Flash designers, but rather for the target audiance of your design.

Well designers... untill next time...