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Thread: Been battling simple problem for last 5 days...Would greatly appreciate any help

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    Need Help Plz! Been Trying to figure this out for a good 5 days now!

    To keep this problem simple, I am going to make an example.

    Let's say I have a completed flash movie called "ME". Now I make a new flash file, and I'll draw two squares onto this page. One square I change into a button.

    What I want, is that when I press this button, my movie "ME" loads into the OTHER SQUARE, NOT over the entire page. In other words I want to convert the other square into a viewing window.

    What do I have to do in terms of the actions of the button in order to achieve this?? Do I use the "load movie" command, and if I do, how do I target it so the movie only loads in the other square??

    THNX a bunch if u guys can help!

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    This shouldn't be too hard and I'm replying to this just off the top of my head. For one, you will need to make the ME.swf movie the same size as one of the squares in your new movie. To have it load in that other square you will need to make the other square a MC (lets call it otherSquare). Then in your button actions use this:

    loadMovie ("me.swf", "otherSquare");

    That should work, tell me how it goes...

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    That's right - just one minor detail:

    Should be:

    loadMovie ("me.swf", otherSquare);
    and not

    loadMovie ("me.swf", "otherSquare");

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