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Thread: Large .fla Files

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    I'm using Flash 5.0a on a G4/733/1.5 GB RAM and have a very long slide show type of movie, complete with background music and voiceovers. The big background music bed is loaded as a separate swf in the first frame so it will play across all seven scenes smoothly.

    My FLA file bloated to 64 MB, so I deleted any unused items, including the large CD quality music files. The FLA file didn't get any smaller which in itself puzzles me.

    The main issue is one out of every six times I hit save, Flash just hangs with the watch spinning away. I've left it for an hour and it never comes back. The mouse doesn't freeze but I have to force it to quit or restart. What the hell? Now, when I change even one item, I have to hit save. This way, if it freezes I only lose one change instead of a half hour. This blows! I even tried giving Flash 1 GB of RAM!!! Same deal.

    Any tips?



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    Try trashing your Flash preferences and restart the application without restationg your system.


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    Alex, what you need to do is copy the frames into a new movie. This will trim all the fat off your .fla
    I'd really recomend trying to keep the .fla under 15mb - above this can cause you problems. also if you are not already doing so, make sure you backup your .fla as flash has a great little trick of corrupting your source file if it crashes while saving.. bye bye weeks of work

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