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Thread: Problem with Images

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    I have a problem with my animation on top of an imported image... why is it that when two series of animation on top on an image, the animation becames slow, but only when one layer of animation is running, it becames smooth again.

    What's the problem guys? how can i cope with this silly animation?

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    That happens to me and it's mostly because of your computer's speed. I tried my site on a 2.0 gig and it's blazing fast in the parts where the animation is usually slow.

    The way that you can cope with that is to make the actual size (x,y)of your animations smaller if you can. I'm pretty sure there's other ways but that's the way I did it

    Hope that helped a bit.

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    It's perhaps ur computer like Conception has said. Maybe the CPU is being hogged down by other programs. How many programs automatically start when ur computer comes on? How often do you defrag the disk? Do you wash the cache and the registry often? Is your fan working properly and effectively? Do you have programs installed on ur PC that you don't use? If you don't do these things, and if u keep programs on ur PC that you don't use, u will have unnecessary drivers installed that hogs CPU power. To sum it up, you have to make sure PC has a clean cache, not unnecessary programs installed, not too may programs that start automatically, because if you do, the result will be poor performance...hope this helps. If I could help you further, post back...Flamboyant Flasher

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