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Thread: Dynamic Text with Dynamic Size

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    I have a Button embeded in a Smart Movie Clip (buttonMC) with many instances of the buttonMC on my stage. I want a separate title (titleMC) to appear next to each instance of the buttonMC when I roll over the button. A dynamic text box that returns the value of a (smart) variable in the buttonMC seems to be the answer for me. This titleMC also needs a background, for which I've made another MC (backgroundMC) which sets it's width acording to the width of the titleMC.

    I need this dynamic text box to resize acording to it's contents, so that my backgroundMC ends up nicely hugging the text. As it stands I havn't been able to get a Dynamic text box to resize itself dynamically. (Were talking about a one line text box here) When I created the initial box I made sure not to resize it and hence "fix" it's size (square corner). (It still has a circle at it's corner)

    Any sudgestions here? Do I need more script and math to judge the size of the text in the box and resize the bacgroundMC from this math? (I was (am) hoping that's not the case.)

    Thanks for the thoughts,

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    Post Thanks for checking this out.

    I'm still puzzled by this. If anyone has input I'd greatly apreciate it.

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