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Thread: Problems with Mac / IE5 / Flash 5 - Not Posting

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    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum, and would normally introduce myself properly before a wild plea for help, but we've found a serious problem on a site major site which went live last week.

    There seems to be a random problem with posting information to an ASP script. Our logs show the ASP script is not being called, so we believe the problem is at the Flash end. It ONLY affects Macs running IE5 and Flash 5. I have seen that there were some problems posting data from Flash 4, but were told these had been resolved for Flash 5.

    Running Internet Explorer 5.0 and Flash 5 plugin on MacOS 9.0.4 (although I believe that the MacOS is not relevant here). It works on Netscape okay, but not on IE. I believe that Netscape and IE share the same plugin on a MacOS, so does the fault lie with Internet Explorer?

    This site had been tested heavily a number of weeks before launch, and changes were made. It used to work, but now seems not to work under that particular setup.

    Can anybody shed some light on this problem?

    All the best,

    Kind Regards,

    Ross Williams

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    I'm pretty sure that there is still a bug in IE5 on mac concerning using method POST (don't know if it's fixed with 5.1)

    I once had a problem calling cgi scripts using "loadVariables" with method POST. It appeared when I called the scripts twice within a short time period (some seconds).

    Read it here
    (the test URL doesn't exist anymore )

    I was able to reproduce the bug. It only appeared on Mac IE5, all other browsers and platforms where ok.
    The only workaround was using GET insted


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    Thanks for that. Okay, looks like we might need to point them to download netscape on the mac. Can't use Get in these circumstances unfortunately

    Many thanks for your help - other thread useful too,



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