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Thread: Need Help Plz....>sound

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    hi everyone...

    I have a little but Imp. problem...
    now I'm making a site...
    with a page for a flash intro made by swish2....

    I have a swf with effects and another with sound and on/off button...ok?

    the main swf has a preloader at the beg.

    when I tested the site(uploaded it temp.)

    I recognized that the main movie loads first and then after 20 sec the music starts!

    what can be done for both of them to start togather?
    a common preloader?

    I'm not that good in preloaders at all...

    any Ideas?????????

    thank you.....

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    How you approach it depends a lot on the size of the "sound" swf. The way you describe it it seems like you are loading the Sounds SWF as a seperate movie ? y/n?

    If the sound file is not big I would just include it in your first swf with a standard preloader.
    On the other hand if its a seperate scene tell your Movie SWF not to start until the Sound SWF is loaded.

    A little more info would help.


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    Hi...thx for your reply...

    yes sound is in a seperate swf ....

    so how can I tell the preloader of the main movie not to start the movie until the sound in the other swf is loaded....?????????

    I'm lost here...

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