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Thread: Illustrator probs.

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    I have a slight technical problem dealing with Illustrator. I'll explain to you what I was trying to do then what happened.

    I opened Illustrator and it opened fine. I was trying to export .ai file as a swf file. Under the menu that comes up after hitting the export command. I had an option to use export the file as layers in Flash.

    That generated about 19 files.

    Then I proceed to check the files by either opening them up in Flash or importing then into there. They worked by opening but were un-editable.

    That's not really the problem tho.

    I go back to illustrator to try to export them differently and when I bring it up at this time it opens but there is no page to be seen. All the pallets are there. But no page. I go to open a file, having to use keyboard shortcuts to get to the menu items, since those are not showing up either. I open an existing file and there is no image there. The layers show the all that's been created but still no page in which to view and work on them with.

    I have since then uninstalled illustrator. Reinstalled it and still the same thing keeps happening. I dunno what else to try. I am baffled that this even happened and wasn't fixed even after the reinstall.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that I may try? Appreciate any help with this.

    Currently using Illustrator 9 and Flash 5.


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    I have not used ai 9.

    This is how I work in ai - flash, and never have had any problems with it.

    Each object whether in its individual layer or on the same layer is grouped.

    If there are many layers, I flatten the aw and group all the various groups.

    Save the file in the AI6 format.

    Import the AI6 file into flash.

    Convert to symbol.

    Ungroup...if needed place each item on separate layers.

    I know its a long wor a around...but works very well.


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    Thank you RanTan for the advice. This is good stuff. I was aware that saving as an Ill 7 file and that would help with certain probs. I have yet to flatten the image though. Honestly I have never flattened an image in Illustrator, never knew there was a feature for that. Call me niave or whatever. I just never knew that feature existed. And I have been working with Illustrator since version 4.


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