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Thread: Collisions between objects in two different levels?

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    Is there anyway I can detect collisions between objects on two different levels? Because im using loadmovie() to load two different movies onto the stage and then i want them to be able to interact with each other through collisions. Thanks so much for your help!!!

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    I guess u must think of a formula to compare the coordinates of the 2 clips. Like:
    if (Math.abs(_level0.clip1._x-_level1.clip2._x)<difX && Math.abs(_level0.clip1._y-_level1.clip2._y)<difY){
    //your code here
    You can set the difX and difY as u like.
    It's just a thought, I haven't tried yet. I hope it will help u.
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    Thanks, that sorta helped me out...i got it working!

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