Ok. I'm trying to do my 1st flash site. When i publish preview and select the flash option, it looks great. The exact fit works good. Also, in internet explorer, if i open the swf file directly from my desktop, it looks perfect, just how i want it to. The resize window works too.

But when i transfer the swf file to my web hosting server using dreamweaver, and then try to access the file on internet explorer, all i get is a bunch of weird text. The swf file will not display. Why is this?

I tried the HTML method, publishin a HTML page with the flash inside. However when i do this, the exact fit and resize thing doesn't work in the browser anymore. It just shows directly at the top of the page, and if the window isn't big enuf, then part of the movie is cut off. It won't resize.

How can i make the swf file show properly after tranfering to my server? Here is the link to the swf file:

Here is the link to the HTML file:

I'm on a Mac.

Any help?.. thank u so much in advance!!