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Thread: I think I just may have the solution !!!

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    I've been using hooge 05_55 on my site. It was blurry at first too. NOw it is crisp and clear.

    1st--- of all. 8pt,16pt..etc.
    2nd---in the info make sure the position is a whole #...like..(X=123.6----erase the .6)
    3rd--- and MOST IMPORTANT !...in the text options window select " use device fonts"

    The combination of those 3 things makes mine very crisp.
    I hope it works for ya !

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    Device fonts is wrong as it won't show in users that don't have the font installed.

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    realized that now....sorry.

    Didn't know that then...have been told.
    It just made it look so crisp.
    OH well.

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