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Thread: PC works fine MAC NOT

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    Hi Folks,

    I have following problem, and I hope one of you cracks has the solution to it:

    I made a quite simple webpage, which is loading it's movies into it, when there is the need for (from the user). However, in every of those little submovies I put a SHARED preloader into the beginning. The shared preloader is placed into another swf, so I don't have to load the movie everytime with a new movie.
    Well, all works fine until mac came. A friend told me that the preloader is the problem, now I need to know, if there are any special issues with sharing movies and stuff, maybe someone had something similar. Actionscript is fine, because all works fine on PC (IE&NE).

    Thanks in advance...

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    check the plugin versions of the Macs.
    is there a link to test?

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