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Thread: Looking For Some Animation Help...

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    Hey animators… I need some help! need to create (or have created for me)some simple animations of a cartoon figure(which I already have) walking. I know there are some people out there who have thes skills to do this and can help … and in return I am willing to offer you a position as an animator in an international affiliation of designers that I am the president of.
    If no one can help me, I could also use some suggestions. Thanks,


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    Well I rarley do work for free. Cuz it always ends up being way more work than it's worth. However if you have a link the character design I'll let you know if I can/will do it.

    As for suggestions:
    Chapter 2 has a ton of walk cycles

    Or my site
    http://www.megatoon.org Animation Cycles might be of help

    Walk Cycle TUT

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    My opinion

    Well this may not be of much help but i would definetly like to put in my opinion.
    What i have done in my animations to make use of them futher and also putting in less efforts in making the same charater again and again in other positions, is making the one static body symbol in profils and front view and making at least two each symbol for every body part that moves.
    This helps me manupulating the charater in whichever way i want and using those symbols again and again.

    Right now I am not able to link u to any of my animations and also not able to paste them here too but believe me this technique helps in long run

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