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Thread: Button - play on rollover

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    i have a button (cool huh?)
    in the over frame i have a mc, which has ofcourse an animation.

    now, when i test the button and rollover, the anim plays. np. but when i rollout the anim stops and the state is up
    but i dont want that, cause that is ugly
    so how can i make a button which plays the whole anim in the over state, no matter how long or short you rollover, just play it full and the stops

    there is probably a very logic solution but i didnt found it...


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    One way is to have a movie clip with an invisible button in it.

    An invisible button just has a hit state - so it responds to the mouse but you can't see it when the movie runs.

    Create a movie clip with your animation in it.

    Make the first frame of your movie equivalent to your up state, but have a stop() action in it to stop the animation from running.

    In the last frame of your animation, put
    In a separate layer (this keeps things neat), place your invisible button and size/position it so it covers the whole animation.

    Put this code on the button:
    Now drag an instance of your movie on to the stage and test it.

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