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Thread: Swish...is it me or.......?

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    Is it me or is Swish getting better and better without any help from the swish people lately?
    No offence to the hard working guys and gals over there in Australia.
    But for the last two weeks, people are discovering more and more about this DAMN wonderful program.
    Two months ago, we had no accurate preloader, no accurate way to stream audio/video, no way to incorporate key functions, and no way to control sound in swish.
    Look at us now.
    Thanks to the many dedicated swish users that frequent this forum, we all now have all the above.
    From forms, drag n' drop to bytes loaded? What else can we figure out?
    This is an excellent time to be a part of this forum and this program. So much useful information here.
    I can't believe how far this has come since I first purchased v 1.52, let alone the people that have been here since day 1!
    It's like going from just radio to plasma screen tvs! Ok, i'm getting out of hand, but it needed to be said.

    Once again I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the SWiSH team, as well as the many contributers to this forum. All the knowledge is over-whelming. But it is so much D**N fun!

    Thanks again to
    everyone that has played a part in this great program, including it's loyal users.

    Mike :::

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    N' then I might just
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    Mike, agree wholeheartedly with your post.

    cheers all,
    david p.

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    Couldn't have said it better!

    Just in the last few weeks it's almost like having a new program or at least an upgrade with these new capabilities.

    It's great to see everyone putting their heads together to come up with solutions we never thought possible.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Swish is just a programme, there are dozens of em.

    What Swish has is a community of individuals that are generous, innovative, intelligent, beginners, mugs, developers, young, old, etc etc.

    Methinks its the community that makes the difference.


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    The software makes the man...

    ... or woman.

    I agree with Mike totally.
    Every time i log on to flashkit I learn something new and useful. A few short months ago I was convinced I would have to cut corners with my web site. The sort of interactive experience I had in mind seemed totally out of my depth.
    I figured I would need to spend hundereds of dollars on software and spend months tackling a learning curve.

    Swish has given me all the capabilities I could desire (and more become evident daily) for a price that didn't force me into the poor house.
    The learning curve with Swish, not nearly as steep as flash, has also been offset by the helpful, generous nature of the people who frequent this forum.

    Robert Henry posted his entire site's swi's.
    98svt (Mike) has bailed me out several times, and has the patience to walk me through each step to resolving my problem...
    Frets and Lys are always there with experience to spare...
    wcoleman, aside from the occaisional rant about thread titles (hehe), is always willing to lend a hand...
    fireworks, despite being a newbie like me, is developing a comprehensive set of animated tutorials for beginners...
    And then there is "The Final Word", Roger, who seems to always have time for those questions nobody else can answer...

    In short: the talent collected here, coupled with an ego-free spirit of cooperation, has made this forum the single most valuable resource I have yet found for web design.

    Thanks everyone!

    Robert / artgeek99

    Post script:
    I just read this post. The "group hug" feel of it is pretty revolting

    [Edited by artgeek99 on 02-26-2002 at 12:03 PM]

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