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Thread: link movie to a specific frame

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    I have my main movie (ex: main.swf) which has a multiple of scenes contained within it. In one of the scenes, I have a button that loads another separate movie (ex: contact.swf) over it. Once that movie is loaded, you can click on a button that will take you back to the main movie. My problem that I have is, when you click the button to go back to the main movie, it will start the main movie from frame 1, scene 1. I want to have it so when you click on the button, it will take you back to the main movie, but go to a specific frame in scene 1 and stop. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

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    on (click) { // Script "inside" the button
    gotoAndStop ("scene 1", 1); // ("Name of scene 1",Keyframe)

    // You have a lot of posibilities for Keyframe:
    // ...("..",1) a Number jumps to Keyframe 1
    // ...("..",variable) jumps to a Number or named Keyframe "inside" the variable.
    // Example: var x = 10;
    // gotoAndPlay(x); // jumps to frame 10...
    // and last but not least the label. You can give your Keyframe 1 the name "start", and then jump to it with:
    // gotoAndPlay("start"); // or gotoAndPlay("scene 1","start");

    puh... hope this will help... just do some experiments and you get familiar with it.

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