I am working on a virtual tour with panorama SWFs that load into an interface SWF. Since I made some (I thought minor) changes to the code (details below) my panoramas now don't load properly in Internet Explorer. here's the link for an Idea of the symptoms : http://www.monitor.net/~manuel/bf/

In Netscape my tour works fine !!
I'm not familiar with problems of this sort, so I would love some input.

The problem started when, I moved the "loadMovie()" action from inside my "CatButtonMC" (if you get my drift) to inside the "PanoMC" (again I hope you are following).

This NEW PanoMC holds the ShellMC that my panoramas are loaded into. It has three keyframes. The first contains a stop action, the second contains the newly moved loadMovie action the third contains a stop action. The new reaction to a press on my CatButton is to tell my PanoMC to go to and play the second frame.

Is this related to the cause of my problem or am I barking up the wrong tree? I can't imagine that Actionscript details would affect a difference of playback between browsers. If anyone can, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME !!