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Thread: A little help with Swift 3D will do me

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    I have just started using Swift 3D to export my 3D Studio Max files into Flash 5. I am trying to export a movie with very organic feel. Its basically a camera in a tube made to look like an vein or artery (sorry about the spelling) and a omni light pass through it farther down the tube creating shadows and such. The color scheme consists of red and black and a gradients in between. It does not seem at all like a complex 3D image to vectorize. But its a pain in the ass to export my scene out of 3D Max as stills then import them into Flash then Trace Bitmap for all of them. Thats what Swift 3D is supposedly for. I have tried every setting, and its turned out bad, any suggestions? Also I was wondering what the benifits for have version two are? Does it work 3D Max or is it a stand alone program?


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    there are several versions of Swift3D... one as a plugin for 3DS MAX and another as plugin for Lightwave and yet another as a standalone program which is what V2 is... which one are u using? and what seems to be the problem?? what do u mean by turned out bad and what setting did u try ? got a screenshot to show us?

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    export your animation/mesh as *.3DS then import into swift

    upgrade to version 2 because the vector output is much better and faster

    also, as phlegm pointed out, we have a plug-in for Max that may suit your needs better

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