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Thread: I know this is an old question about blurry fonts but..

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    Hi Font fans:

    I have been looking at other threads and having no luck. I am using 04b_03b font. The thing is the font looks great when I type the text on the stage, but once i convert into a button, and then drag the button from the library onto the stage, the text becomes blurry. I have no control at all. I have made sure that the character is the suggested size, the alignment is whole numbers, etc. But this makes no sense, I appear to have no control over the font. Even when I move the text someplace else on the stage it becomes blurry! Basically, on the stage the font is fine but once I edit it in either an MC or Button or graphic it is blurry.

    Please help me, I really want to use this font, I even broke apart the font but still blurry!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Here I am.
    may want to *try* checking the "use device fonts" box in the text options?

    Good luck!

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    Hey Samantha,,

    Thanks for the reply! The thing is, I need to put a kerning on the font, and I can't with the device font checked, I will play around a little bit more.

    Thanks again, Jag

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