arrrggghhhh, Ive just downloaded some cool bitmap fonts, i installed them on my desktop runing W2K. fine. no problem.
Then i went to install them on my Laptop, running W98.
arrrggghhhh. I had to copy and paste into the fonts folder..ok i didnt mind, im a patient sort of guy.
Well anyway i restart the computer. Open a project im working on, go to fonts and **** **** i cant find the fonts i installed (about 9). Butthats not all, im also missing 6 other fonts. There not important, but i hate to think the computers stealing them just to **** me off!
Anyway i tried the same process again about a billion times and nothing and still missing those fonts and the bitmaps havent installed either. I`ve also tried installing truetype fonts the same way.
Another point is that when i go to the fonts folder, im able to delete the 6 missing fonts which show up there and also the bitmaps. But when i try deleting the others it just tells me i cant. I know youre not suposed to copy and paste bitmap fonts but i havent got an option to install.
Please someboduy help me because i think i might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

thanks. QETRET

Ive been burgled......burgled i tell ya.