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Thread: Help!! Newbie in need of URGENT help!

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    Help!! Newbie in need of URGENT help!

    Help! I'm a newbie!

    I have to create a projector in Flash MX, that allows a user to open installer programs, then install the selected programs in a specified order. The user controls that using checkboxes. What should I do? I've created custom checkboxes. Other than that, I'm completely lost!

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    Hi, you can use the FSCommands EXEC to execute the installer files but you must copy all of the installers to a folder called FSCOMMAND - if you do a search on this forum, you'll find plenty of examples.

    Alternatively, download a copy of Flash Studio PRO and you can execute any files in any order from any location! You'll also find some useful examples at http://www.multidmedia.com/downloads and at http://www.mdmforum.com

    I hope this helps!

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    In my projector, the user chooses what program he wants to install from a list, using checkboxes, and when he clicks the next button, the projector executes the installations in the order of the list. How do I do that?

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    You can't do it natively with the EXEC command in Flash because each of the FSCommands executes asynchronously. That means that they don't wait for the last fscommand to finish before the next one runs so all your installers could try to run at the same time.

    A simple solution is to use a tool like SOP (www.aritali.com) to help you create a BAT file with a list of all the EXE files to run based on your checkbox selections, then launch the BAT file and let it do all the dirty work.

    I've posted a number of tools here over the years that you can also use to help get rid of things like the DOS box that will appear if you launch a BAT file. Searc this forum for PROXY.EXE or RUNHIDE.EXE to find a couple (or check out www.extendingflash.com and www.beyondflash.com)

    If free solutions aren't "clean" enough, you can try some of the commercial projector enhancers that provide the tools you need to do this kind of job easily.

    SWF Studio http://www.northcode.com
    Jugglor http://www.***********.com
    FlashAnts http://www.flashants.com
    Flash 'N Pack http://www.flashnpack.com
    SWFKit http://www.swfkit.com
    LPFlashEX http://www.logicplus.com.hk

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