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Thread: Chinese character?

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    Anyone knows how to input chinese characters? I am using MS IME.

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    Originally posted by markygan
    Anyone knows how to input chinese characters? I am using MS IME.
    As far as I know, you have two choices,

    -use Flash 5, and only input Chinese characters as static symbols or graphics, that you import from an external application that can handle these double byte character sets. You can do this by copying any Chinese text you have into Word, and then Wordpad, this puts the text into a format that Flash 5 can handle. You then ensure that you have installed on your PC the fonts that can handle double-byte character sets, eg. MSSong, PMingLiu, MingLiu, and you can then paste the text into a static text variable with one of these fonts as your selected character font. You should note that only Chinese-enabled PCs (ie. those that have Chinese as their local language setting) will be able to see it, so for you to be able to see it, this must be an option that you have on your development PC. Unfortunately, the Flash five authoring environment does not support double-byte character sets encoding, hence, you cannot create a dynamic variable which will load a Chinese string on demand.

    -use Flash MX, and you have Flash unicode support which can handle anything that unicode can! which includes all the double-byte character sets

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