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Thread: about techniques for making graphics into flash...

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    specially when making lot of animated stuff ?

    freehand -> photoshop -> flash ?

    or directly drawing into flash ?

    I've found that direct drawing there (Flash) can be quite frustrating task. :=)

    it quickest when making frame-to-frame animations, but example drawing background with lot of details is probably better to do on some other program (Freehand/Photoshop) ?

    is this question where is available more than one right answer ?

    are there any other programs which could be used with Flash than Photoshop (and other smaller image editors), Freehand/Illustrator ?

    what about using 3d-programs with Flash ?

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    Well for drwing right into Flash/FreeHand/Illustrator a tablet is a must. All my frame by ffame animation is scanned then batched in PS to thicken llines. Batched again in Streamline to vectorize and imported into Flash as Ai (illustrator). I draw all BG's directly in Flash. I don't use the method entireley.

    AS for 3d non my area. Take a look at the Swift 3d forum. Lotsa help there.

    As for importing images into Flash.Theres a few things you can do to get crisp images.
    1. Right click the image icon in the library-properties-de select allow smoothing
    2. File-Publish settings-Jpeg-Bring the quality up to 100
    3. Convert the Graphic Symbol set the alpha to %99. This solves a known problem in Fash called pixel shifting
    4. Under Publish settings Set your Flash movie to pixels not percent. Percent tend to stretch out any pixel based images
    5. This is just a tip from me. Do yur optimizing outside Flash. In Fireworks or Image Ready.

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    I heard it's possible to make animations by drawing sequences directly to Freehand, using layers and then exporting all layers to flash-format. This way Freehand automatically creates sequenced animation into flash-format from the freehand layers.

    Have you ever used this technique ?

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