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Thread: Sound on/off

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    I'll try to explain the best that I can,
    I'm working on one scene, there are five buttons that on a press action it takes you to a certain frame on the same scene. My music for the site is in a movieclip, the on and off feature works only if you click on the buttons in front.

    For example
    when the music is in the off state, I click on the next button and the music is still off, BUT when I click back to the previous button the music starts again. I dont want it to start again I want it to stay off until I tell it to play.

    Hope this was'nt confusing
    Please help..


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    You should avoid using EVENT and STOP ALL SOUNDS

    Use START and STOP sync sound actions to start and stop your music.

    Also... You should avoid using scenes as much as you can, especially when you want to playback music on the top.

    Try to organize everything in the same scene... believe me some of the best flash sites are made on ONE frame even, using a lot of tell target and objects.

    Good luck

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