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Thread: MX? how original.

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    lets hope they copied features from other flash apps so we dont have to by more software to make up for flash's short comings.
    at least they never called it flash xp.

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    Ill just quote Eric Wittman on this re: the name

    "...the acronym has no definition its rather a moniker for our new approach to next-generation Internet solutions. [....]..when you think of MX, think of the next evolution in Internet content and application development brought to you by Macromedia."


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    There will always be things that people want to see done in flash but are just not possible without alot of faffing about, for example real 3D, you can do it, but its a pain, therefore people make applications to make the process easier(in this case swift3d). So no, dont expect flash to be able to do everything you want it to do.

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