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Thread: Meaning of MX.....

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    I saw the release yesterday. pretty cool tool though.
    I just might pay for it.

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    to come back to the brand and marketing of this product

    here s another quote from E Wittman

    ".....we are not just talking about a tool or the next version of Flash authoring, its really about an entire solution comprised of the leading rich client (Flash Player), the standard for producing rich Internet content and applications (Flash MX authoring) and new server-based Flash solutions to make it easier to develop Flash applications and enable a new generation of communication application development (ColdFusion MX, new app server connection services, and a breakthrough new communications server)."


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    So what does the "MX" in Flash MX mean?

    Is it short for something? Macromedia Experience? Macromedia X - M - L? Matrix? Most Excellent? Motocross? The top level domain for Mexico is ".mx" and MMX is a multimedia acceleration technology from Intel.

    Is it a promotional tie in with Mazda sports cars? Is it some kind of play on OS X? Or Windows XP? Is it Roman numerals?

    Does it really matter? FWIW, here's my take:

    1 All the products that carry an MX moniker (okay, I do have a marketing background) are part of an integrated product family. So far, we've announced ColdFusion MX and Flash MX. We believe that product integration between tools and servers will help you build complex projects faster.

    2 The products that are MX-branded are more significant upgrades when compared to a normal whole number upgrade. Going from Flash 5 to Flash 6 (if there were such a thing—Flash MX *is* the next version of Flash) is great. But going from Flash 5 to Flash MX—now that's an upgrade. You're getting a whole new type of product.

    3 MX signifies that Macromedia is attempting something new with these releases. IMHO, Macromedia Flash MX is a not only a revolutionary release—it's part of a bigger evolution of Macromedia. I can't say much more, as Macromedia Flash MX is just the beginning, but the coming months will bear this out.


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    and don´t forget that mysteries are much more interesting than the known things - what was that again - flash fx?

    gfx? mfix?

    i think the thoughts behind the two letter M and X are
    very simple - X is famous from a lot of other programs, so the first that comes in to your mind when you hear a program with x - something - must be new and good!

    and M is just macromedia - MX

    good one - better then AX or something (adobes next productlevel or are we really waiting for PS8???)

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    Microsoft suckX
    Multimedia Xtensions
    Made Xclusive

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    I live in FLA and on the news they were talking about Microsoft buying DISNEY!!!! those two demons are about to give birth to the antichrist

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