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Thread: Gravity feel

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    Hello fellas,
    I am pretty new in flash and try and come with my own idea..but the fact that flashkit is such a helpful resource for new flash players you tend to learn from exp designers.

    I have a query about the gravity look.
    I am not too sure how to explain it.but the look somewhat goes like this:

    Lets say you have a object and you want that object to come in slowly and then leave fast.


    IF you see the way the text come and go.I know I can do that by controlling the motion tween.But it doesnt seem to give me the same effect.If someone could explain or send me a .swf it would be really helpful.

    Thanking to all you gurus in advance

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    turning up the frame rate and using the easing feature under motion tween should do the trick. I'm sure some of the pros on the board should have more specific comments though.

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    I am still hoping to get additional feedback on this thread. Please respond if you have any other suggestions. I am curious myself. Frame rate and easing only take you so far. Thanks fellas.

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    Yes easing should be it, eas in if you want it to speed up like a gravity, or out if you want an object to slaw down like a friction thing.

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