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Thread: Creating a shine

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    Anyone know how to produce an effect similar to the shine/gleam that occurs when you run your mouse over the Ultrashock logo at ultrashock.com ? I pretty sure it's done with a mask, but I just can't get anything I attempt to pull off to work right.

    If you want to see what I'm trying to gloss up, head on over to caseypeicott.com and look at the yellow "Buy New Homes" button. I'm trying to create a subtle shine effect traveling across it every few seconds, to draw attention to the button, but producing an Ultrashock-like effect has thrown me for a loop! Any suggestions? Thanks,

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    It is most likely done with a mask. I used this method on my footer. Is this something like what you are looking for? I can send you a FLA of it if you are interested. I think for what you are looking for, a different type of mask layer is need, but maybe I can help you out. Let me know.

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