I am trying to change the background colour using actionscript. So far i have magnaged to tint everything on the root timeline but not the actual background colour. The script i am using is as follows, any help would be much appriciated....


//Create a color object called myColor for the target root
myColor = new Color(_root);
//Create a color transform object called myColorTransfrom using
//the generic Object object
myColorTransform = new Object;
// Set the values for myColorTransform
myColorTransform = new Object();
myColorTransform.ra = 100;
myColorTransform.rb = 255;
myColorTransform.ga = 100;
myColorTransform.gb = 255;
myColorTransform.ba = 100;
myColorTransform.bb = 255;
myColorTransform.aa = 100;
myColorTransform.ab = 255;
//Associate the color transform object with the Color object created for myMovie