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Thread: Device Fonts and Masking???

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    Is there a way to use device fonts ( like _sans) with masking? Because I have a scroll that uses masking and the device fonts do not show up! this sucks because i like device fonts since they add less file size and they do not have anti alias which makes text hard to read sometimes.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    there is no option to mask a nonincluded font.
    BUT... as a small hint, u can size the box to fit your design, and scroll with this:

    var mytext = "this is the text+variable assigned to your textbox..."
    mytext.scroll = mytext.scroll + 1; // or -1;
    (also take a look at .maxscroll)

    this works fine if you are going to make something like a draggable box or something. For example -> http://www.orangeflash.de and the point "Gästebuch" (guestbook).

    ... the other option:
    include the font, and use some pixelfonts instead...
    howto -> http://www.miniml.com

    hope this helps.


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