ATTN: Duir, regarding your post in a closed thread
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Thread: ATTN: Duir, regarding your post in a closed thread

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    "If Swish can be $50 and Flix be around $100 why should Photoshop be over $600 and Flash MX be $500?"

    Swish and Flix don't possibly compare to Flash and Photoshop, they're not even the same things.

    Flash and Photoshop are two powerhouse programs, they both have extremely strong reputations, large companies creating and working with the releases, and especially with Photoshop-it hasn't been the industry standard graphics creation software for nothing.

    Just wanted to point that out.

    Take Care,


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    caithness massiv
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    but i don't think he was really saying that it SHOULD be $50

    i think what he was trying to say is that by dropping the price somewhat, it would actually tend to help things out for macromedia because more people will be inclined to purchase the real version because it is more affordable

    especially given the economy as it is now, dropping the price by say $100 would probably do some good... plus, it would show the true macromedia developers/designers that the company is taking their consumers' interests to heart

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    still with the price debate?

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